The history of Bharatiya Samskriti Vidyapith (BSVP) is a history of aspiration and triumph of the cause of an amalgamation of Education with that of culture. Between aspiration and achievement, between dreams of success and actual success, there is invariably a gap that needs to be bridged. 1957 is a year of significance , when a Hindi Vidyalaya and Sanskrit Patashala emerged under the leadership of two main architects Dr K Nagesh Hatwar and Smt Puttamma Hatwar. Grit, determination and vision were their inspiration and the hall marks of their success as the founders of BSVP. They saw the social setup clearly and realised the need of education to the society with a stress on Indian culture as its focal point. With the focussed attention and devotion the “Hatwar” couple nourished the Institution with such a great care and that it has been seeing a rapid growth sprawling into 4 branches in these last 5 decades.

BSVP has been instrumental in creating right skills and attitudes among its students. It has imbibed a culture that fosters informal interaction between the teacher and the taught. The Institution aims at shaping the outlook of its students through social commitment and self realisation as an integral part of the curriculum. BSVP plays a vital role in building students personality by following student-cantered approach. Recognising and respecting individuality of students is a distinct characteristic. BSVP believes in a wholesome, integrated approach to teaching and learning. ‘Culture’ is the buzz word here and the strength of the institution unbelievably. BSVP stresses the importance of impacting love and respect for our rich culture and secular heritage.

BSVP aims at providing the children a free atmosphere to develop their individual talent and encourage the students to expose them to the world at large. Along with the academic strides, the Institution emphasise the need for the importance of co-curricular activities to encourage the students to develop healthy spirit of competition. BSVP organises various inter school/college and intra school/college competitions throughout the year. With the object of promoting and encouraging young talents in the field of Music, Dance and other performing arts, ‘Vidya Institute of Performing Arts ‘has been started.

founder The founder of Bharatiya Samskriti Vidyapith , Dr K Nagesh Hatwar was a great visionary. His pursuit of study in the early days of his life was apparently very difficult – walking a long distance to the school every day and depending on used old books for class room studies. He came into contact with Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi at an early age. After finding his surname “HATWAR”, Mahatma Gandhi told him “ Tum Samajke burayiyonko mitane ki “HATHIYAR” bano. This statement showed Nagesh Hatwar, the destination of his life.
The unforgettable memories of agony and hardships that he had gone through during his school days compelled him to found BSVP. His urge for learning and his passion for teaching was unparallel. He was a dreamer but had worked hard relentlessly to make those dreams come true. His wife Smt Puttamma Hatwar is very supportive and aptly supplemented all his activities and working hard even now to fulfil all his dreams. Simplicity, courteousness, self-discipline, determination, hard work, application of mind in right deeds, appreciation of good work are the hallmarks of Hawar couple’s life.
Vision To emphasize up on Indian values, culture and provide opportunities for the holistic development of the student to face the challenges of a changing world. To canalize the hidden potential of the student through co-curricular activities. Mission To achieve academic excellence using different strategies of learning, making teaching and learning more systematic and meaningful. To achieve excellence in co-curricular activities which helps in holistic development of the personality of the student. By providing oppertunities to showcase their talents in performing Arts.

Mentor –  Smt K N Puttamma                   

President—Smt Usha Devi                          

Vice President – K N Venkatesh                              

General Secretaty –  Dr K N Pushpalatha

Joint Secretary – Smt Usha Acharya

Treasure – Prof. P Achuth Rao 

Accadamic Co-ordinator – Sri K R Krishnamoorthy

Principal –  Smt Lalitha Bhat